Welcome to Town Team Hub

Where Town Teamers can learn, share and connect online

About Us

Town Team Movement enables local communities and governments to connect, organise and act to regenerate the fabric of their neighbourhoods and to create better places.

We’re an ‘underarching’, non-profit social enterprise. We help positive ‘doers’ to improve their community, based on the fun and inclusive Town Team approach. 

Town Teams are positive and proactive organisations that include businesses, landowners and residents working collaboratively with their local government to improve a place or area

Why You Should Join Us

The Town Team approach is innovative, creative and fun! This community hub is for active town teamers who are in the trenches making change and taking action in their local place.

A Big Thanks

To all of you, the volunteers who work so hard to make our world a more connected and balanced place. 

Thank you to the numerous sponsors who provide grants and funding to support town team actions across Australasia.